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Hi - thank you for stopping by

My name is Marina, wife and mama of two, living with our two rescued cats in Siegburg near Cologne, Germany. 

My husband bought me my first dslr in 2009 and ever since photography has had an important place in my life. 2016 I've started to work as a self-taught lifestyle photographer and social media content creator. 

I'm a natural light photographer with a love for authenticity, a timeless and natural aesthetic. 

I’ve always had a weakness for flowers, so it’s only natural that my photographic interests have gravitated in that direction. There is just something about the beauty of a flower. The shapes, the pattern and how they make every picture more soft, more poetic. 

With Instagram I've discovered my love for creating beautifully styled pictures with products I love, like flowers, food, stationary and all things interior. Over the last few years I've collaborated with some amazing companies, so if you want to work with me, just drop me a line and 

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